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Filmmaker Documents the journey of the Hoagy Carmichael statue at Indiana U.

A few months ago, we received a note from filmmaker Brian C May alerting us to the piece he made documenting the long process artist Michael McAuley undertook to create the now iconic statue of Hoagy Carmichael that sits at the northeast corner outside the IU Auditorium.

Before being dedicated to IU in a public ceremony in September of 2008, the sculpture toured the state, allowing residents to connect with McAuley and Carmichael's works. The statue has become a bit of a nexus for IU creatives and since its installation on campus has developed a life of its own. Visitors frequently pose with the statue and it is seasonally decorated by visitors and students alike. Artist and stage technician Tina Hanagan documented the statue's "secret life" for three years at her site Hoagyland!

Photo Credit + Copyright: Tina Hanagan.

Hanagan and May's works are wonderful tributes to the special connection artists from all generations feel with Hoagy, especially those who share his Indiana University roots.

Hanagan, May, McAuley, and Carmichael are all IU graduates. Go Hoosiers!

Still from Brian C May's film.

Check out Brian C May's wonderful piece at his website here.

Are you visiting Indiana University soon? Have a photo with Hoagy? We'd love see them - post them in comments below or on social media with the hashtag #hoagyland

Family Portrait: Anesha Carmichael, Charmaine Lord,

and Hoagy Bix Carmichael at the statue in Spring, 2016.

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